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About Us

Form the early days working as carpentry, Mr Calvin Chong knew that it was his dream to own his own company and to provide for his family. But it was not until nearly 20 years later that his dreams became a reality. After many years of struggle to convince the consumers on their ability and the prices which they set, Innovation Carpentry & Décor is now handling many big projects from different well known brands and company.


Since 1997, Innovation Carpentry & Décor started as an interior design agency for HDB, throughout the years the company grew under the leadership of Mr Chong. The company is now handling a wide varieties of projects such as shopping mall, office, community centers, HDB , private and landed property. “In order to build up our good reputation, we deliver what we promise at all cost.” Mr Chong explicated. Devoted and self-disciplines within the company are one of the driving forces in delivering the best products and service to every clients and projects under taken. Their top priority is to meet client’s requirement and to provide the best solutions and advices to all.


Over 10 Years Experience

Best Material, Quality Assurance

Flexible Idea & Budget

Quality Workmanship